A journey from A2A

It’s the age of Abbreviations…

A2A is what I would like to call a Journey…

A Journey of Understanding… A Journey of Empowerment…A Journey of Clarity..

A journey from Awareness to Acceptance(A2A) or Acceptance to Awareness(still A2A) in the experiential array of human emotions assorted under “Life”.

One of the basic cause of worry for the human “Mind” is change… uncertainty….

And the response generated by the Mind to the event of change is “Resistance”…

The response is natural.. It is the default…intrinsic response generated by the mind in view of a perceived change…simply because the Mind is unaware of being “Aware”…or is unaware of a state called Acceptance…

It’s response is purely logical.. For given a perceived change…..Resist…Fight…..

In some it arrives at the conclusion to resist, after executing several complex and advanced algorithms, as is evident from the pic below… while for some if the heavy duty algorithm process is too confusing.. it simply falls back to the basic criteria…For given a perceived change…..Resist…Fight….




A story would help in understanding this point

Stories have this uncanny knack…an ability to transform the subtlety into a sharp and piercing flash… an opening.. a crack..from where the essence can seep in… An “A-HA” moment..

The story goes…

Once upon a time there was a king… a kind king.. who was going bald 😦 Now he could not come to terms with his baldness….And so he ordered his physician to find a cure for his baldness… The physician being a wise old man…(historically…wisdom is normally conferred upon old men only… don’t know the reason why…)knew that there is no cure of baldness…(at-least in those days)….


And that the king would not take “NO” as an answer for his baldness…

So the wise physician prepared an oily concoction…and handed the king a bottle of this specially prepared oil.. to be applied onto his scalp…and viola.. within no time there would be hair growth so thick… that sunlight would not reach the kings  scalp….

BUT… as with all stories of yore… there was a catch… read Terms and conditions apply in today’s world 😉

That at the time of applying the oil… the king under no circumstances.. should think of a “MANGO”.. If the faintest hint of a Mango crossed his mind… the oil would lose all its magical and trans-formative powers…The King readily agreed…

And next day just when about to apply the oil… the king was suddenly struck by the thought of a Mango… from out of the blue….from nowhere…a Mango appeared .. the king was mighty disappointed…He was however hopeful and all the more determined not to let the Mango interrupt his oil therapy the next day..

The next day… just as he was about to apply the oil and the Mango again appeared out of nowhere…the king was furious with himself… he could not fathom this new found fetish for mangoes that he had developed from nowhere…

And day after day… the king was growing wild at himself… for the darned mango popped at the most crucial juncture of his oil therapy…

And soon enough the king realized that that he would never ever be in a position to apply this oil in this lifetime…as the Mango had become too deeply entrenched is his mind….the more he tried to forget… the more he remembered…

And gradually the king started “accepting” his baldness…there was no more a fight within him… there was no more a struggle within him to fight the change…

And an Acceptance dawned… A State where energies within the King were more congruent… a State where Resistive energies were not pulling him apart…into chaos….

Perhaps it’s just time to pause and ponder…. Do we at times clutch on too tight?? Do we resist change a tad too much??

Breaking a pattern of the mind is Understanding… Is Evolution…Is Acceptance…


IC-shortstories.co.in, 123rf.com

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