Zero to One… The difference is NOT Minimal.

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

As a Kid

I often wondered…

Is there any magical way…

to score maximum marks

with minimal of efforts


With so much to play…

through out the day…

I prayed to every God..

hopeful of finding the way


But then I realized

after many a whack

that Zero is not acceptable

while One is considered stable.

And So outsourcing the onus

onto God or onto Magic

Can make a students life

Indeed quite tragic

Welcome to Life Alignments πŸ™‚








10 thoughts on “Zero to One… The difference is NOT Minimal.

  1. Straight from the heart of a student! When there was so much to play, explore and learn, the children had the burden of scoring, and a zero definitely would invite the wrath of teacher and parentsπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
    I loved this composition Karthik. πŸ’–

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  2. 0 is a non starter, whereas 1 is a quantum jump from 0.

    Be it studies, playing music, or learning Karate……1 is the first rung of the ladder, and the climb has begun.

    Yet, one cant leave the fat big 0. if he gets on to the right side of 1, and more of his clan join him, Oh boy ! he can become big,, very .big indeed.

    Arya Bhatta

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