Rolling Out God to Children, Part-1

To be read in continuation of the earlier post.

Would a conventional introduction to God, an introduction arising from the books…from intellectualism…from rituals and not from experience… be accepted any longer?? Would it be just??

Children are intuitive.. They are closest to God…In fact they are stepping out of “God”hood into “Man”hood with age… and move further away as time progresses..

Something inauthentic … and they immediately know that something is not right… The child from the earlier post.. his fabric of trust…. His co-relation with God is stained… it can no longer be the same…Some sort of shading… misconceptions have been implanted…which may embed within his psyche…unconsciously…

Even if the child is forced to follow the parents mindset and orthodoxy…it is purely ritualistic.. traditionally hollow…He will break away at the earliest given opportunity…or if the obedient type… he will continue… with the child hood scars buried deep in his unconscious..

But such an individual has missed himself… and in turn has missed God..

The 1st step in the journey is of utmost critical…is virgin..tender…and it needs authenticity…Authenticity of the elders…the children already are authentic…

Now redrafting the story with this background…

A conversation between a religious priest.. and his child

Child : Who is God?

Father: Frankly son…I do not know.. I am on a journey to find him… Have not yet found him…but hopeful that one day I realize “HIM”..

Child : Can I find him

Father : Yes, that is the birth right of every individual born…

Child : Where can I find him

Father : He is everywhere…He is also in nature.. in trees, in the rivers and animals…in humans…But the onus is on us to be receptive enough…to his presence…

Child : But my friend told me that God is happy only when you pray…And I don’t know any prayer…

Father : Prayer is only a medium that takes you closer…towards being more receptive… It need not have any particular grammar associated with it… An act of kindness is also in itself a prayer…

Child : Ok, Dad Great… Thanks…

After few days..

Child :Today when coming back from school.. I came through the woods…I saw a wild pup injured… I immediately called out to God… but he never came… to rescue the pup…

Father : That does not matter…He may have been busy elsewhere…But the two of us together can check out the pup…

Child : Super Dad…cool…

That night…. the child experienced God through his Dad… The pup experienced God through them…

and their hunt for God continues 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rolling Out God to Children, Part-1

  1. Two extremely simple narrations. After reading both of them there was a pause…….and then i heard it …….the sound of a hundred drums!

    A powerful message, written by Kartik, about understanding the concept of God and Godliness. A message which is being thundered from pulpits and podiums by the “learned” ones for generations but yet to be EXPERIENCED by the dutiful masses in attendance…

    Kartik, allow me to comment on the impact of the message in just two words ….. “Simply profound.”

    . ,


  2. The comment above is from “gururaghavendrasevashrama”, It has got posted in Kartk’s name.

    Goes to prove that Miracles do happen.


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