Rama Navami Shloka

On the occasion of Shri Rama Navami, I am rendering this shloka on Sri Rama, in this post. May the Lord bless us all with Wellness and Prosperity.

Once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva thus:

kEnOpaayEna laghuna viShnOrnamasahasrakam

paThyate paNDitairnityam shrOtumichchaami prabhO||

Meaning: I would like to listen to that abridged form of Vishnu Sahasranaamam, which is  sung by the Saints and Scholars, each day.

As a reply, Shiva said ‘The only divine name of Lord Rama benefits a devotee with all that VishnuSahasranaama(the thousand names of Vishnu) bestows him/her with”, quoting the Stotra below:

shrI raama raama rAmEti ramE raame manOramE

sahasranaama tattulyam rAma nAma varAnane||

Thus is the power of the divine name of Lord Rama.

Happy Ramanavami Festival to all the Viewers 🙂

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