A Quotable Quote #2…Heraclitus

You Cannot Step Into the Same River TwiceHeraclitus


A beautiful quote by Heraclitus..

It indicates the nature of human emotions… , the depth, the intensity and yes.. the flux of human emotions that Humans undergo…and qualifies and quantifies as Experience.

It would be worthwhile to consider the word…Emotions… The very name indicates a fluidity.. that which flows…a drift…that which we experience to create our reality..  and that which tends to be set in stone…

But can that… which is ever flowing…always in flux… create something stationary, static??

Love is there today…Hate tomorrow

Cry Now…Laugh later

Relaxed today…Restless tomorrow

Angry Now…Calm Tomorrow…

But yet at times….do we cultivate certain emotional experiences as permanent?? Yes, we manage to do the impossible 🙂

Unknowingly though… perhaps we do at times….build a dam against the flow…stored in the entrapment called the Mind…

And those emotions whose very nature is fluidity… irrespective of the polarity of the emotions.. is now stored…entrapped…and that which is entrapped stagnates….

The River,  indicates our emotions…ever changing…it has changed even in the smallest  fraction of time, the human mind can conceive of..

So no matter…how “apparently serious” the issue at hand seems…


That which is Turbulent Now……can be Calm later or even in the very next moment…

And in the absolute fluidity of “emotions”…in the ever changing….yet there is someone absolutely unchanging….watching…

The dynamics of emotions simply create the possibility… the opportunity to realize the unchanging in us….

Be in the Market Place, but not of the Market Place -Osho







2 thoughts on “A Quotable Quote #2…Heraclitus

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  1. Maybe the person who coined the word emotion (E_MOTION) had the intrinsic nature of the word in mind; as you have mentioned …..it is not static.Its nature is fluidity.

    The title you have given to your blog ” You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice” by Heraclitus is worth pondering on for ages, as we experience it in the flow of life time and again.

    Is there a K (a constant) hidden in the flow? Is it the watcher?

    Please clarify; These concepts sometimes are mind bogging !!


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