Hanuman Jayanti-April 11th 2017

Happy Hanuman Jayanti to all the Viewers

The Monkey God Hanuman is one of the most celebrated Mythological characters of  Hindu Religion. He is very popular amongst the children for they adore him for his Strength, Innumerable Mischievous Pranks of his Childhood and Power. He is considered,  The Son of Vaayu (Air God) and his birthday  is celebrated in India as Hanuman Jayanti.


So, Happy Birthday Dear Hanuman ji. Here is my tribute to Lord Hanuman, on this auspicious day.

Ram doot hanuman: Set in Raga Yaman, Language: Sanskrit, Eka taaLa and composed by Shri VitthalaPanta

raama doota hanumaan vijayate raama doota hanumaan||

yO raghupatinaa saha sugreevam mytryaa yOjitavaan||1||

teertvaa dustara sindhum seetaa shuddhim yah krutavaan||2||

bhitvaaraNyam hatvaa aksham lankaam jvaalitavaan||3||

punarEtya shree raamam viThalam api yO harshitavaan||4||

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