Secrets of Life Unravelled!!

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A Zen Story

A young energetic man wanted the answer to “what is life”… For this he travelled the globe looking for answers from many knowledgeable masters, but he wasn’t convinced by their attempts to answer his queries…

Finally…he was told to proceed deep into the Himalayas…. where a truly “Enlightened” master lived…


Taking up the challenge… the energetic man ….again traversed the globe….and after a great deal of ordeal.. located the Master

Immediately the young man enquired…”Master, What is Life”…

The Master who was having his tea…mentioned…”Young Man….Life is Afterall a Cup of Tea”…


The young man was flabbergasted… He had risked his life…and travelled half the globe… to listen to this answer…”Life is a Cup of Tea”…. It didn’t make any sense what so ever…

For the response in any manner…did not even remotely match his perceptions…his idea of Life, he had formulated in his mind…

Now the flustered young man mentioned rather bluntly… Look Old Man.. I have travelled half the globe, risking my life in this wilderness…and you tell me Life is a cup of tea??…


The old Master laughed…Why? is life not a cup of Tea? Fine then, you formulate whatsoever you want to associate to your query.. but for me at this moment.. Life is a cup of Tea…

What the old Master has conveyed is extremely relevant… It is impregnated with the very essence of “Life”. Just those few word uttered by the Master are meditative…it has in it….infinite depths laden with silence…

Don’t bother to try and unravel life…It can only be lived every moment… It can only be experienced as a receptivity… and experienced in a cup of tea as well..


Image Courtesy and Appreciation -to all those photographers on Pixabay 🙂




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