Tilang: Raaga Benefits- Audio7

Song: rAma rAma rAma seeta rAma enniro, taaLa: trishra naDai, Composer: Purandaradasa

The raaga Tilang, has a unique flavor of Divinity in it. It sedates the body-mind with its tantalizing notes. The Ascent and Descent go thus:

Ascent: S G3 M1 P N3 S||

Descent: S N2 P M1 G3 S||

The charm of the raaga lies in the usage of both the Nishadas (N3 and N2) and hence the raaga is refered to as Bhaashaanga Raaga. Though it is supposed to be borrowing its notes from the Parental raaga Harikamboji, the usage of N3, sometimes makes it a derivative of Naagaanandini.

The raaga is useful in lowering Blood Pressure. Also promotes deep relaxation.

Emotional Outlook: Promotes Love and Devotion/Bhakti.

Lyrics: (Discussed in the Audio)

rAma rAma rAma sItA rAma ennirO||

amarapatiya divya nAma andu odagado||

bharadi yamana bhaTaru bandu horaDi endu meTTi tuLidu
koraLigAtma sEridAga hariya nAma odagado||1||

keTTa janmadalli puTTi duShTa karmangaLane mADi
biTTu hOguvAga purandra viTTala nAma odagado ||2||


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