A Zen-Quotable Quote #3

A Zen Saying  “No Goal But the Path”


This Zen Sutra is pregnant with profundity, with depth. One can perennially  swim in it’s depth and yet reach nowhere.. Yet someone who has drunk of this sutra, has reached somewhere!!

This Sutra can be understood through a contrast…. A contrast between the Societal Perspective and the Spiritual…

The Spiritual perspective is simply understood.. by the unsaid… the unspoken!!

The Societal perspective

We are all part of Society…in different setups…in different environments…

And Society tags us with Labels, and promises us… goads us with awards and rewards to achieve a Goal.. Sacrifice your today for an even better tomorrow!!

Do not meander here or there, for only then can you achieve your Goal… only then can the peak be yours

Now What??

And for one who finally reaches the peak…who blind folded believed the Societal goalpost to be the “Reality”…stares into the vast abyss…into the nothingness that beckons him.. finally ponders “Now What”

For Someone who was literally blind along the path leading to the peak….for all those tender moments… of a flower blooming… of a cuckoo cooing…the rustle of the leaves..the dew drops falling off the leaves…the lake gently inviting him for the swim…the numerous silent whispers of existence beckoning…were simply out clamored by the noise within


And Can such a Person…blind…non-receptive and having trampled on these gentle and silent manifestations of Life all around…undergo a radical transformation…a change of heart.. on reaching the peak… From a peak  where there is only a vast space..An Abyss!!A nothingness, as far as the eyes can see…

The Spiritual Perspective

Best left unsaid… in the hope that the contrast has triggered..has awakened the space to absorb the nothingness!!







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