Violently Avid!!

via Daily Prompt: Avid

Once Upon a Time….

There were many

who avidly supported

the blood thirsty sport of

the Gladiators…

Now can they be called Non-Violent??

Or were the gladiators truly Violent??


5 thoughts on “Violently Avid!!

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  1. Violence is an embedded streak of nature inherited and carried over as an animal streak. History is replete with Violence in hundreds of ways to satiate this urge in so called humans….(?).

    Modern warfare,with its destructive instincts en mass scientifically(SIC!) is a carry forward to fulfill this urge in the name of patriotism.

    To fight, to maim, to kill,and destroy is the curse on humanity. In the olden days it was Gladiators being made to fight and kill for the lust of violence. Now the game is the same,the modality is more Refined!

    There is no choice.

    The blogger has courageously disrobed the brutality of human nature normally discussed in cocktail circles, after a tipple!

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