The final finale!!

via Daily Prompt: Final

Different takes on the word “final”…from different perspectives!!

A gamblers compulsion

is one Final bet

which repeats ever so often!!


A defence cadets dream is the Final step

to herald himself onto the Armed Forces

antim pag
The Last Step, crossing which the Cadet is an Officer

An athletes aspiration is to

make it to the Finals every single time


While lastly…

Death is the Grand Finale…

The Arms into whose

each individuals journey ends…or begins??












8 thoughts on “The final finale!!

  1. It is said that the journey of life has no beginning or end..It is a repetitive cycle. All the beings are travelers in the journey ..”Punarapi maranam punarapi jananam”

    Like it or not, after reading the post and the comments, i got a crazy flash of thought that we are not the travelers, but time is. It moves on. .It is a “traveler”. We are moving is an illusion.Time moves on, and we are a part of it.Where is the finality in the rotation of the globe which marks time.?

    Can someone get me out of this crazy flash of thought?


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