A different kind of Radiation!!

via Daily Prompt: Radiate

This is the authors attempt to portray the cold war situations when the world came close to self destructing.. and perhaps of many more situations to follow!!

When bullies try and negotiate…

By sending across brigades and frigates

Too much tension they radiate

Not many to mediate…

War cry’s resonate…

Some bombs detonate…

At such times…

Perhaps the sane can…

Pray and Meditate

that Peace Percolate…

and  instil sense into the war mongering desperate…

Not to make our World desolate…








3 thoughts on “A different kind of Radiation!!

  1. Your post make one think of greed of mankind..

    we are still on mother earth, sharing what is left of natures bounties, not because we deserve it,, but great souls have made us deserve it by their piety, and prayers.


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