Drop the Why…Here’s Why…

In Life…at times answers are best answered…unanswered…unsaid.. only experienced…

There are some facts, observations which are beyond mind…beyond logic and its grasp…

Why does the Sun Rise in the East??..

Why are tree trunks brown??

Why do some die young while some live long??…

Why are some snakes poisonous??

And many many more…

One can really wrangle with some queries that get thrown up…lose sleep over it…increase blood pressure?? Does it help though??


It would also be worthwhile to understand the nature of the mind here..

The mind is nothing but a “Why” Generating machine…Not knowing something, it feels restless.. The moment it knows something, there is a short lived satisfaction…before it throws up the next why??



The “Why”the beginning of the journey into a bottomless pit.. The Why’s simply keep on coming…the more one divides…the more they multiply!!


Finally, in each individuals life, arrives a stage.. where dissecting life simply becomes too burdensome.. One wilts under its weight…under the circumstances… or simply sees the futility of it all… and disassociates himself with the Why’s..

The Why’s and the Why not’s keep happening at a distance… it’s not that they stop…but the individual is no longer identified with it…

A realization dawns, that things just are…the way they are.. It is a mystery. It simply unfolds.. There is no point in offering any resistance, dividing things up…

Simply aligning to life, accepting life…. and life descends onto us… offers all its assistance onto us..

No matter how many questions you hurl at Life…It simply answers…an answerless answer…


That which is whole… is beyond questions and beyond answers…(life)

That which is split… is never free from questions and any answer…(mind)

6 thoughts on “Drop the Why…Here’s Why…

  1. You have conveyed a treasure trove of pure wisdom in your own words. It reminds one of the the famous Sanskrit shloka, which is beyond common comprehension.

    “Om Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornat Poornamudachyathe………”

    Knowledge from the whole, of the whole and knowingly or unknowingly remains whole.

    You write with a philosopher’s pen!!


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  2. Tell me about why..
    I tell something to my kids, and before a yes or a no, I hear a “WHY”?
    Kids are experts in asking why?
    It’s not okay to leave it unanswered for them…
    yes, but for us, we have to let go of the why’s and deal with some amount of uncertainty..
    Well written Karthik.


    1. Yes, the kids are absolutely right in asking why… It’s a different matter that as parents… we are at our wit’s end trying to answer their why…
      However if there arrives a stage when the individual sees/realizes the futility of why… It then drops of it’s own accord and such a journey is authentic…

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