Music Therapy Session for Stress Management and Relaxation- (Registrations Closed for July 28th, 2017)

Wellness is the birthright of every individual born on this planet. Most of us though may have forgotten this fact, courtesy a busy routine, work pressure, expectations from family, friends and society, monotonous life style, responsibilities, constantly ageing human body…….you name it!!!!
‘Relaxation’ finds either very less or no-time in our lives. All these factors gradually affect us both physically and mentally, resulting in Stress. Seldom, Stress could be constructive, enhancing the productivity, in the beginning, but more often than not, leads us towards mood swings and temperaments due to its persistence. Hence beware of the Persistent Stress!!!!!
Identifying and Addressing the Stressor is very important to manage stress. This workshop will focus on few techniques of dissolving the stressor through Music Therapy, thereby empowering the individual to lead a qualitatively enhanced life.
So, Participate, Explore and Unleash the Magic of Music and Dance your way towards Relaxed Life!!!!!!!
Date: 28th Friday, 2017
Venue: Blue Nile Counselling Life Skills and Career Guidance,
              #18, 1st Floor, Utility Building, MG Road, Bangalore.
Timings: 5-7pm
For Registration: Contact us on 9731034393, or email us on
Dear Participants
Registrations are closed for the workshop on 28th July, 2017.
Thank you for your overwhelming response. We shall keep you posted on the next date of the workshop.
Team Wellness

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