Stories – Conveying the Unsaid

Stories… As a child they often transported me into another world, a world within my wonderful mind…

Words have a knack…to transport the listener no matter whether an adult or a child into their own unique virtual world… A world within Worlds..They have a potency to ignite the creative spark in every individual and often convey the subtle…the essence….the inexplicable… unsaid…

For ex, there is a story of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa…


A mother,along with her child… had come to meet him from a distant village in remote Bengal.Travel in those days was not easy. Turbulent rivers had to be crossed, with a dependency on the sole boatman to ferry them across, while the remaining journey had to be covered by bullock cart and foot wading across lush green grassy fields and streams…


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was and is still considered an Enlightened Saint, empathetic in listening, sincere, gentle and compassionate… A Saint who had transcended duality and merged into the Supreme.

The mother with expectant eyes prostrated before this gentle saint… and mentioned that her child consumes too much of jaggery… and she was concerned that this would affect the child’s health…She requested him to counsel the child…


Ramakrishna asked the mother to come back after a couple of weeks with the child…The lady simply obeyed the Masters instructions, with reverence.


Two weeks passed. The lady and her son were there to meet him… after yet another arduous journey. The lady again requested Ramakrishna to counsel the child…

This time around Ramakrishna gently cajoled the child and requested him not to consume too much jaggery… He then asked the mother and child to have food before leaving…

With bewilderment and undercurrents of annoyance, the mother gently inquired of the saint… If this is all that you had to tell him, perhaps it could have been conveyed last time around itself..

The saint smiled and mentioned… looking lovingly into the mother and child’s eyes… Two weeks before, I too was very fond of Jaggery and eating it quite often through out the day…

If I am to advice the child to reduce his jaggery consumption, am I not to ensure that as an adult… I let go of this habit myself??

Now, back to the present…. Imagine if you are to explain “Authenticity” to your young one..

Would mechanically reading it out from a dictionary make an impact or would narrating the above or similarly themed story make a more profound impact on your young one?

Would such a story also transmit something unsaid ??….which the child would carry and value and nourish through out their life…

If you would want your child to benefit through such stories and more, please ensure your young one’s attendance in our story telling sessions at RT Nagar on 21st July 2017.





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