Individual & World Psychology made simple..5 Balls theory for Dummies…(under patent)

Till date… its only human psychology that’s been attempted to be understood.. For the very first time in the history of mankind…is an attempt being made to understand World Psychology…Brief and Concise.. No lengthy forewords by world  renowned authors.. No intellectual jargon…No Amazing Press reviews..

Welcome to the 5 Balls theory of World Psychology..

So lets try and summarize this 5 point theory of World Psychology …(Patent applied to replace Point with Balls ..T&C apply)… Something which easily facilitates the crystal clear clarity through which the powerful ones in the world operate, though they appear quite muddle headed….

Crystal Clear Clarity beneath the Muddle…Courtesy the 5 Balls Theory

1.)I am right… if you agree, then please  hop on-board and follow me…

2.)I am right, If you disagree, then you are wrong…

3.)I am right…if you disagree… I shall try and convince you… why you are wrong…

4.)I am right… if you still disagree… I shall try and coerce you… into agreeing that I am right…

5.)I am right.. if you still disagree.. I shall clobber and murder you and feed you to the Fu**** dogs…..

Now apply this mind set from an individual to a nation or a even onto a group of nations and its a Perfect fit….

Be it Democracy Vs Communism or My God Vs Your God.. or any others…

Come to think of it… its simple conditioning that drives nations and policies… After-all a nation is also led by an individual…

I am right and you are wrong.. or this is right and that is wrong….deep down it is this undercurrent of insecurity…it is this undercurrent of insecurity termed belief….that drives individuals and eventually nations…

The world leaders(politicians & religious) simply keep moving between different stages of the 5 Point Theory.. through varying degrees of crudity or sophistication…

Finally to sum it up all… if you think I am right… and agree….please hop on board and follow me on my blog 😉



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