Story telling Workshop on Ethics and Values

Stories… As a child they often transported me into another world, a world within my wonderful mind…

Words have a knack…to transport the listener no matter whether an adult or a child into their own unique virtual world… A world within Worlds..They have a potency to ignite the creative spark in every individual and often convey the subtle…the essence….the inexplicable… unsaid…

Story SVS Flyer

2 thoughts on “Story telling Workshop on Ethics and Values

  1. Yes, Stories can be highly educational and deal with life and the world in general.

    Like the stories in Panchatantra which is dated almost thousands of years ago and are translated into many languages. Pandit .Vishnu Sharma, a great simple Brahmin was entrusted with the job of educating three young princes of the king.. The princes were not sharp enough to take on the burden of management of the Kingdom.and statecraft.

    Vishnu Sharma undertook the assignment and within a short span of 6 months made the princes proficient.It was by the simple art of telling stories by creating situations in stories, and how they were ,solved.

    I wish the facilitators Kartik , Vinaya and the young children a great time and lots of fun and learning.. .


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