Integrating Music Therapy into Counselling- An awareness Workshop

Hello all,

Music is one of the age-old therapies which connects directly with the sub conscious of an individual, thus facilitating self-healing.  The effect of Rhythm and Raga stimulates the right and left parts of the brain and hence strikes a perfect balance in the body mind and soul.

Music directs the brain towards creative and spatial thinking which can be best utilized with children to work on their communicational and cognitive skills. The lyrics and the emotions of the Music/Raga can be relaxing and uplifting in treatment of palliative care and dementia. Needless to say, that Music therapy integrated with counselling to bring about a holistic and change in the counselees.


Myth: This program benefits musicians only.

Fact: Individuals (Counsellors, Special Educators, Doctors, Therapists, Wellness Coaches) with a liking for music will benefit from this workshop.

Participate to experience the uniqueness of the program which opens up new avenues in your career!!!

Venue: Banjara Academy, #84, RV Road, Near Lalbagh Metro Station, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-04

Date: 14th Oct 2017 from 10am to 1 pm

Registration fee: Rs2200/- per participant

Avail a discount of Rs200/- on early bird and group bookings before 10th Oct.

Spot Registrations: Rs 2500/-per participant.

Call us on 9686024393/9740181020, for registrations.

mt rv RD








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