Some Food for Thoughts!!

Some really simple food for thought. When life isn't permanent... When our stay here isn't permanent... Can the problems we experience... be permanent?? Just be with this Sutra...Absorb it.. Let it seep into its own pace.. Now...a brief back ground on the workings of our Mind.. to understand the Sutra... Just be aware that... Continue Reading →

Gautam…The Buddha…

In Understanding myself...I understand the Buddha Buddha is perhaps the first such Guru of humanity, who laid the onus of understanding oneself on the seeker himself. Instead of asking the seeker to follow him...and develop blindfolded trust in him... he simply asked the seeker to find himself... He was simply a catalyst... A presence...A light....A light... Continue Reading →

Animalistic Meditation -The simplest way to relax…

Nature has indeed been kind and blessed mankind with animals... and pets...   Animals, the role of a "catalyst"...and help humans slip into relaxation..without chants or prayers or discipline.. Lazing with them is enough and a deeper connect just happens. They make beautiful "Guru's"... They don't demand a fee or any sort of allegiance or have... Continue Reading →

The Root of all Matter is??

via Daily Prompt: Roots Creation can be visualized as one huge cosmic tree encompassing the known and the unknown. At the very roots of the tree are our ancestors, who now rest in the soil, but still shoulder the aspirations of their off springs reaching for the sky, through their manifest form…as leaves…. The leaves... Continue Reading →

Violently Avid!!

via Daily Prompt: Avid Once Upon a Time.... There were many who avidly supported the blood thirsty sport of the Gladiators... Now can they be called Non-Violent?? Or were the gladiators truly Violent??

Spiritual Mathematics

You are the only "Reality"... When you are the only "Reality" Can the outer be true?? Yet, the Falsity of the outer can trigger... The search of your inner Reality....

A Zen-Quotable Quote #3

A Zen Saying  "No Goal But the Path"   This Zen Sutra is pregnant with profundity, with depth. One can perennially  swim in it's depth and yet reach nowhere.. Yet someone who has drunk of this sutra, has reached somewhere!! This Sutra can be understood through a contrast.... A contrast between the Societal Perspective and... Continue Reading →

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