Daily Prompt: Pamper

via Daily Prompt: Pamper Our senses, we pamper Starting from the mild all the way to the wild Self Destructing with no end in sight!! Accept your own Light For only that is Right Let others Judge and Fight On what is your Might Just Accept your own Light It may help someone on a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pamper

The imperfect perfection

Buddha often used to emphasize "Acceptance", not focussed on the other...but primarily of "oneself" "Do you accept yourself the way you are, this very moment"?... If this query is posed to any individual,the answer is most likely to be a "NO"...If one queries further, The answer would be in line with Robert Frost's famous lines "I … Continue reading The imperfect perfection

Daily Prompt: Crescendo

via Daily Prompt: Crescendo Existence each passing moment is in a Continuous Crescendo Gliding on Notes of Infinity.... In A perfect harmony...A perfect tempo A perfect rhythm...A perfect pitch Just slip into it...Sing it....It's your prayer to Existence... Avoid Slipping into it.... and One Exists -tense....   IC -pixabay.com      

A Tale of 2 Water Droplets

Once upon a time in a distant land, lived 2 droplets of water...leading a contended life on a leaf... But little did they realize of the impending danger that awaited them... One fine day.... a voice from the sky spoke up to the droplets....that they had exceeded their time on the leaf... Listening to this … Continue reading A Tale of 2 Water Droplets

A Radio Dial… Quotable Quote #4

"I came to understand that emotional responses are like frequencies on a radio dial: if you turn the volume down on one station, you turn it down on all the others at the same time. If you’re going to develop joy, laughter, and humor, you will open yourself up to feeling the pain, loss and … Continue reading A Radio Dial… Quotable Quote #4