A different kind of Radiation!!

via Daily Prompt: Radiate This is the authors attempt to portray the cold war situations when the world came close to self destructing.. and perhaps of many more situations to follow!! When bullies try and negotiate... By sending across brigades and frigates... Too much tension they radiate... Not many to mediate... War cry's resonate... Some... Continue Reading →

Evanescent : Structures…

via Photo Challenge: Evanescent History demands Structures...Lest a Clan is forgotten by generations to come.. Structures demand maintenance...Lest they become Evanescent..

Your score is 35/100

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve In the life of some students pursuing their degrees.... 35 is a very important number(predominantly In India) 35 is a very insulting number to the Geeks..  As a matter of fact...anything less than 100 is demeaning... They believe in the descending number value system... Marks ranging from 100 backwards to 90... Continue Reading →

Can Humanity Survive??

via Daily Prompt: Survive A request for a prayer to all Humanitarians out there, for a simpler World... Let Mankind be blessed with Wisdom enough In order to ensure that no man meets Hell On this heaven called Earth Where Life is simply a blossoming of the spirit within and never ever a matter of... Continue Reading →

Oceanic Unmooring

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored Unmoored, I'd like to float... On the mighty ocean waves Not knowing where the waves would take me At times caressing me... At times submerging me... Experiencing the tranquillity of a deep oneness with the Ocean   Image Courtesy -pixabay.com        

An Indian Heritage

via Photo Challenge: Heritage An acceptance of the diverse energies manifest Man and Woman...Yin and Yang A rich heritage...visualized, preserved and worshipped    

The peace between Wars!!

via Daily Prompt: Farce Countries go on piling weapons ..all in the name of "PEACE" Invoking Peace...while preparing for WAR Messengers of War Masquerading as Agents of Peace Can there be... a bigger farce than this ?? One Earth...One Humanity...                      

The final finale!!

via Daily Prompt: Final Different takes on the word "final"...from different perspectives!! A gamblers compulsion is one Final bet which repeats ever so often!! A defence cadets dream is the Final step to herald himself onto the Armed Forces An athletes aspiration is to make it to the Finals every single time While lastly... Death... Continue Reading →

A-Maze-ing Journey

via Daily Prompt: Maze Lost in a Maze ?? Doesn't Matter Enjoy the journey One is considered lost only if one has somewhere to reach?? Enjoy the journey !!                    

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