Daily Prompt: Lollipop

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop At times... isn't Life simply a craving?? From Craving for a lollipop as a kid.... To Craving for Social Media likes, once too often To Craving for a chilled weekend To Craving for Peace   Perhaps the only event which one does not crave for!!!

Photo Challenge: Unusual

via Photo Challenge: Unusual An unusally thick fog engulfed...at noon.... Adding a touch of mysticism and an eerie calm in the Small but beautiful state of Sikkim....

Daily Prompt: Edible

via Daily Prompt: Edible From Non Vegetarianism to Vegetarianism to Veganism.... What's edible to some, may not be edible to others... And there rages many a debate.... On what diet is acceptable and what is not.... The answer is that there is no answer.... But for the awareness in each individual....   Image Courtesy -Pixabay.com... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Bury

via Daily Prompt: Bury The human race is indeed optimistic.... Despite knowing that continents can be dead and buried with the press of a few buttons here and there in moments of maniacal madness   Yet...most of us smile and live on...Cheers to Humanity...      

Delta Evolution

via Photo Challenge: Delta A cockroaches evolution towards the clang of Money!! A Delta change...evolution perhaps!!!...    

Daily Prompt: Wheel of Life or Life on Wheels

via Daily Prompt: Wheel Finally... Society and Spirituality coincide on one common thing....and that commonality is the Wheel... Spiritualists call it the Wheel of Life... The commoners term it as Life on Wheels   Fortunes are earned within a Wheel, but finally.. all is nought!!   The World is Flat...(Thomas Friedman), but is still a... Continue Reading →

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