Stories – Conveying the Unsaid

Stories... As a child they often transported me into another world, a world within my wonderful mind... Words have a transport the listener no matter whether an adult or a child into their own unique virtual world... A world within Worlds..They have a potency to ignite the creative spark in every individual and often... Continue Reading →

Bilahari-Raaga benefits

Bilahari is a janya raaga of 29th mELkartha Dheera ShankarabharaNa. The ascent and the descent go thus: ArOhaNa: s r2 g3 p d2 S|| avarOhaNa: S n3 d2 p m1 g3 r2 s|| It is an auDava SampoorNa raaga, with a pentatonic(5 notes) scale in the ascent and a complete descent. It is also a... Continue Reading →

Raaga: Hamsadhwani

Ascent/ArOhaNa: S R2 G3 P N3 S|| Descent/avarOhaNa: S N3 P G3 R2 S|| Raaga Hamsadhvani is derived from the 29th main chart(mELakarta) raaga, Dheera ShankarabharaNa. The raaga is considered auspicious and helps alleviate stress and tension. Here is a sample audio clipping of the raaga with its characteristics and benefits. Some of the songs... Continue Reading →

Music Therapy for Stress Management and Relaxation

Wellness is the birthright of every individual born on this planet. Most of us though may have forgotten this fact, courtesy a busy routine, work pressure, expectations from family, friends and society, monotonous life style, responsibilities, constantly ageing human name it!!!! 'Relaxation' finds either very less or no-time in our lives. All these factors... Continue Reading →

Daily Chants-1

This is a collection of two-liner-daily chants. They can be easily chanted by children. I have tuned each one of these, to make it easy for memorization. Simply put, a Chant is the most effective way of keeping the brain active for it activates all 3 parts of the brain, the Cerebrum, the Cerebellum and... Continue Reading →

Early Morning Relaxation Music-1

This audio is created to bring in a synergy between body and mind. It is an early morning  Meditative tune, to kick start your day afresh and relaxed.  This relaxation tune is set in raaga malayamaaruta, a derivative of main stream/mELakarta raaga chakravaaka. The raaga has the potential to raise the kuNDalini energy as it... Continue Reading →

Tilang: Raaga Benefits- Audio7

Song: rAma rAma rAma seeta rAma enniro, taaLa: trishra naDai, Composer: Purandaradasa The raaga Tilang, has a unique flavor of Divinity in it. It sedates the body-mind with its tantalizing notes. The Ascent and Descent go thus: Ascent: S G3 M1 P N3 S|| Descent: S N2 P M1 G3 S|| The charm of the... Continue Reading →

Raaga Benefits:Poorvi Kalyani-Audio 6

For the benefit of the viewers, the audio has been restricted to a single song discussion. The song discussed in this audio is hanumanta deva namo. Do let me know how did you all like the post!! 🙂 Hanumanta deva namo: Raaga: Poorvi Kalyani, taaLa:Adi, Composer:Purandaradasa Raaga Benefits: A Janya (baby) raaga of the mELakarta(Parent),... Continue Reading →

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