A Quotable Quote – An Osho Quote

A certain darkness is needed to see the Light - Osho I recently came across this statement on a bookmark. The statement in itself is quite profound. If one stays with this, ponders on it, and sleeps with it... it seeps into you...That is what statements from Masters other greats are supposed to do.. Some … Continue reading A Quotable Quote – An Osho Quote

The Story of a Zen Garden

A Zen story A young disciple under an enlightened Master was cleaning the garden... The disciple in order to impress upon the Master took great efforts in ensuring that the plants were trimmed proper and manicured... The pathways strewn with leaves were all cleansed... A well cultivated garden it turned out to be...   He … Continue reading The Story of a Zen Garden

The imperfect perfection

Buddha often used to emphasize "Acceptance", not focussed on the other...but primarily of "oneself" "Do you accept yourself the way you are, this very moment"?... If this query is posed to any individual,the answer is most likely to be a "NO"...If one queries further, The answer would be in line with Robert Frost's famous lines "I … Continue reading The imperfect perfection

The Melody of a Buddha in a Bar

We are all born a hollow bamboo...a hollow flute...No wonder infants and children across geographic continents radiate divinity...for the divine simply plays out it's tune in them.... Absolutely tender, pristine and pure are they.... for they are carriers of the divine...the grown ups like to flock to them... for somewhere deep down in them.... they … Continue reading The Melody of a Buddha in a Bar

Spiritual Mathematics…

It finally boils down to this...One is either a Spiritualist or a Logician... These 2 categories contains the "types" of  all mankind... So here follows a Spiritualists Vs Mathematicians take...An Un-patented...categorization of folks...albeit in a totally refreshing theory... The left hand side is the view point of Spiritualists....captured into boundaries by the Mathematicians....on the Right … Continue reading Spiritual Mathematics…